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On Accumulation, Assimilation and Accommodation of Knowledge

I have several personal knowledge accumulation and assimilation projects on various topics ranging from pathology, medicine, lean healthcare, healthcare quality to religion and sociology. Learning is a natural response to encountering something new. Within Jean Piaget’s theories on cognitive development are related ideas on how children process knowledge. Piaget was […]

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Lifestyle 101 – Top Tips for Health

Based on several weeks of research I have finalized following tips for myself to attain and maintain a healthy body with healthy lifestyle. I have broken down these action pointers and tips into the following sections. DAILY FITNESS JOURNAL ENTRY DAILY LOG DAILY WEIGHT ENTRY WEIGHT GOAL MONITORING FITNESS GOAL […]

Book Reviews / Fitness

Book Review – The Magic Weight Loss Pill – 62 Lifestyle Changes

“The Magic Weight-loss Pill”, is a self-help guide to weight loss and good health, which is penned by renowned holistic lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho and popular Indian actor and yoga instructor Anushka Shetty. Published by Penguin Random House India, the new self-help title recommends over 60 lifestyle changes that have […]

Advanced Uberman Sleep Cycle
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Uberman Sleep Cycle – Boost productivity

Last 12 years I have tried this for brief periods but seems tough to do daily basis unless one is not having a job. I always recall the colorful and vivid dreams that come during each experiment !! WHAT IS UBERMAN SLEEP CYCLE ? Can six 20-minute naps per day […]